Steam: Railway and Road

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Steam: Railway and Road

Today there is much interest in steam driven locomotion including railway, traction engine and other types of steam driven vehicles. Sorb have specialist knowledge in this field, having manufactured many replacement parts for the refurbishment of restored engines, boilers, wheels and tenders, as well as new build scale engine parts.

Steam: Railway and RoadRailway

Laser cutting is ideal for scale railway loco, tender, wagon & carriage frames and bogies. The cylinder and wheel centre distances, being accurate, ensure smoother running. Connecting rod and coupling rod blanks, motion rods, expansion links and reversing rods can also be laser cut. Buffer beams, cross bracing brackets, footplating, running plates & splashers, tender tanks, tool boxes, cladding, brake hangers & gear, vac pump arms & carriage, and wagon underframe items canall be made with or without rivet or screw holes by us. Slidebars from stainless steel wear well and look right.

For the miniature railway infrastructure we can provide SW and various speed restriction signs, buffer stops, signal gantry and bracket framework from sheet steel.


Scale road steam vehicle tender and belly tank kits along with spectacle plates can be provided. Most sheet metal items for the full size vehicle can be made for the models too.

Full size Railway and/or Road

Cladding for boiler and cylinders, running plates, cab sides, backhead cladding, lamp irons, ashpans, drip trays, wheel spokes, smokebox door baffle plates can be made from drawings, patterns or CAD files.