Signage and Exhibitions

Signage and Exhibitions

Signage and ExhibitionsOur CAD design ability and laser cutting techniques enable Sorb to manufacture a range of bespoke signage and fittings usually from a variety of metals for shops, restaurants, public houses and other establishments where an unusual and high impact design is required, as well as a full range of metalwork for exhibitions.

We can cut any style of lettering or design into flat sheet. Our fabrication department can weld edges, corners and frameworks to build solid enclosures for all types of wall mounted signage. This may include illuminated and electronic signs for building fronts and post mounting.

We have experience working with many of the sign making companies around the area on projects ranging from stand alone street signs for small shops, through to large corporate signage that required crane lift assistance.

Fabricated lettering can be manufactured ready for installation from stainless steel, aluminium or finished steel complete with stand off wall mounts. This type of signage is easy to produce and we can work with all supplied artwork and fonts as well as customer sketches and concept drawings.

Double sided projecting sign frames can be fabricated from all materials together with wall mounts for shops.

Bespoke signage and sign frames can be manufactured to specification for public areas, railway stations, industrial estates, business parks and office interiors & exteriors.

Working with graphics designers and marketing departments we are often involved with initial design concepts and ideas for exhibition stands, displays and structures. These designs are often innovative, stylish and based primarily on artistic concept drawings. This allows us to translate concepts into reality where clients themselves may have little direct engineering knowledge.

Many of our customers require lightweight, easily assembled and transportable structures. We work closely with cutsomer budgets to determine the most balanced solution for cost effectiveness, functionality and aesthetics. The image at the top of the page shows a large triangular aluminium structurs with purple acrylic plastic sheet infills, designed by Sorb, based on customer concept drawings. Further information on this project can be found in the gallery here.

For further information on how we can help with your signage and exhibition requirements please feel free to call.