Model Making

Model Making

We have extensive experience in the manufacture and design of laser cut parts made from: aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel many of which are used in radio controlled and steam driven models.

Model MakingOther areas of model making include laser cut features for architectural presentations. We can turnaround laser cut parts quickly in a wide range of materials to exact specifications for detail parts of architects models including shop fronts, street furniture and symbols.

The 4 ft dinosaur to the right shows an ideal example of the type of 3D jigsaw possible with laser cutting.

Model parts for theatre and film can be undertaken including frameworks and structures which are then built upon as required.

Replica model making is a large sector where we can provide laser cutting and fabrication services. Replicas include cars, planes, machinery and structures for museums, shopping centres and public spaces. We can also undertake conversions and cut away sections from existing items including machinery and vehicles.

Protype of items can be undertaken at full size or to scale. Prototypes are ideal for presenting proofs of concept and demonstrating visualisations.

Our expertise is in the manufacture of components for radio controlled planes, cars, boats and helicopters. We work for a number of model manufacturers making mass produced parts as well as for model clubs and model enthusiasts. We can easily turn around laser cut parts straight from customer drawings with virtually no minimum size requirement.

We have in the past supplied laser cut parts left tagged on the sheet for model kits at the direction of the customer whose own customers preffered to detag items themselves as part of the assembly process.

For more information on how we can help you with your model making related requirements please feel free to call now.