Production System

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Production System

All work is managed through our production management system Tricorn which is an industry specific application for efficient job control from quotation to invoice. The system provides a vehicle for quickly responding to customers changing demands and for testing "what if" scenarios.

Production System

The system has many modules including:

Quotes: Quotes can cover single items, multiple quantities of the same item, assemblies, KOP and Kan Ban in any combination.

Works Orders & Job Cards: This allows us to produce comprehensive shop floor documentation including job cards with digital pictures, travellers and planning sheets, either for single items or assembly work.

Certificates of Conformity: This module automatically produces certificates showing the 'build' of items, if necessary down to the individual items of material, parts, subcontract and tooling that were used.

Purchase Orders: This allows us to record deliveries against purchase orders with full materials traceability and print delivery labels as well as order materials and parts to replenish stock levels, using the delivery process to record the traceability for subsequent use.

Stock: This covers a record of the materials used, together with costs, specifications, locations and quantities in stock as well as finished parts stock including the recording of the 'owning customer' and 'stock lists' that show the quantities of held parts.

Invoices: Invoicing covers invoices from approved works order batches. Invoices can cover single, multiple items, ad hoc items, specify delivery charges with different VAT, analysis codes and multi currency as well as producing quality documentation. It also supports e-mailing invoices and credit notes in PDF format directly from the system.

Production System