Premium Delivery Services

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Premium Delivery Services

Sorb provide the best possible delivery period available at the time of quoting, however we are aware that our customers deadlines are sometimes subject to change and also that extra ordinary delivery requirements can occur from the onset. We believe in adopting a flexible approach to all facets of our business working hand in hand with our customers to provide solutions.

Please talk to us, whatever your delivery requirements may be.

We do not charge a standard rate for those extra ordinary deliveries, we do what we can to help, this may be incorporated into our normal working hours, alternatively this may result in the work being carried out in twilight hours or even 24/7 which of course will involve charging at a premium rate.

Case Study

Customer in Automotive Industry.
Required† 20,000 pieces laser cut and bent.
Material Domex (special order).
Size 4mm Sheet 3m x1.5m sheet.
Normal Delivery quoted 3weeks.

Our customers delivery requirements were 7days, By operating 24/7, Sorb delivered in 2 batches the first in 7days including procurement of special material, and the balance in 9 days, allowing sufficient time for our customer to carry out further operations in the manufacturing process seamlessly, with out any loss of production

Premium Delivery Services