We handle a wide range of materials for all processes from CNC laser cutting through to bending, welding and fabrication. We are also happy to work with most exotic materials as required to customer specification:
  • Mild Steel up to 25mm
  • Stainless Steel up to 20mm
  • Aluminium up to 10mm
  • Zintec up to 3mm
  • Galvanized up to 3mm
  • Titanium up to 16mm
  • Spring Steel up to 2mm
  • Tool Steel up to 16mm
  • Gauge Plate up to 16mm

Stainless steel and aluminium can be supplied with a plastic Lasergaurd coating which offers protection of the underlying surface finish during all stages of the manufacturing process. This means that components destined for high visibility projects such as public display etc. can be delivered in the best condition possible without scratches or finger prints.

A range of natural material finishes can be supplied from stock including brushed, 2B, bright annealed, dull polished and plastic coated and grained etc. Also, mild steel sheet that is pre-pickled and oiled can also be supplied.

Aluminium can be sourced to BS1470, SIC, NS4, HS30, NP8 and HP30 as required with options for pre-anodised and white powder coated.

Specialist domex hot & cold rolled mild steels, including ST55, S275 are often requested.

For fabrication we often work with structural steels, angles, squares, rounds, flats, universal beams, universal columns, RHS, box section, ERW, CHS cold drawn seamless tubes, CFS and HFS mechanical & hydraulic grades.

Perforated and mesh sheets to various grades and tactile sheets such as treadplate can all be sourced and worked as required.

For the food and marine sectors we stock 316 materials which are readily used as well as occasional specific alloys such as Duplex.

Our architectural clients often require thick plate which we hold in stock for a fast turn around on CNC laser cutting. We also stock work with open mesh flooring, general flooring & stairtreads.

For automotive & motorsport clients we offer inconel and S321 as well as trailer flats and cross members for vehicle and trailer chassis, also suitable for restoration projects.

3000mm x 1500mm sheets are safely stored in the
automated tower

We keep a large supply ready in stock allowing for a fast turn around on laser cutting, with our automatic robotic tower server capable of storing upto upto 42 tonnes, with safe handling.