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An exhibition stand manufacturer was tasked with building their client’s showpiece stand in a short time constraint and tight budget. Sorb were approached with constructing one of the main features situated at the front entry point of the stand. Our brief was to build three large, but light weight triangles. They had to be robust enough to withstand being assembled and disassembled numerous times in many exhibitions, on tour, around the world.

The scope of the build included finishing all the pieces in a non standard paint colour that would need to be accurately colour matched, this would have an impact on the overall manufacturing lead time.

The isosceles triangle sides measured approximately 5m x 5.5m. Sorb designed and detailed their manufacture, including the ability to slide the coloured plastic sheets on both faces. Its construction was made from 4" x 1" x 1/8" and 4" x 2" x 1/8" aluminium extrusion and 1" x 1" 'T' section extrusion to allow the plastic sheet to slide in and out. Each triangle was constructed from six sections: two rectangles and four triangles bolted together. The extrusions were cut to size and precision machined for accuracy. This allowed each corner to be tig welded together precisely. The ‘T’ sections were riveted to the rectangular section using countersunk pop rivets to ensure no protrusions above the surface of the material, thus ensuring the plastic sheet could slide freely into place. The outer sides of the triangle were clad from laser cut 3mm aluminium sheet and bent to form a section that would fit over the extrusion, these would be puddle welded in position.

All welded corners and surfaces where dressed and cleaned to ensure no evidence of welding thus ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result. Captive bolts were fixed in place at the top of the triangle to allow the piece to be suspended in the air, these would be the main load bearing points for the whole triangle.
Final assembly had to prove that all the parts fitted together correctly to ensure our customer had a problem free installation at the exhibition.
You only realise the scale of the triangles in the pictures shown ; where we finished the assembly at the back of the Sorb car park. After successfully proving their assembly the parts were powder coated and shipped directly to our customers site.

The project showed that Sorb can work to tight deadlines, and within the confines of a budget. Using all our diverse skills and experience we ensured the customer received the right product, at the right time at the right price.

The success of this project is proven with this final testimony from our customer :

A belated thank you for all your hard work on the triangle project. The result was superb - Client was very happy. Interestingly enough, despite all the problems with the powder-coating / spraying the Client felt that the colour match was much better than they had managed to achieve with the original version in the US.
In case you are interested - by the time we loaded them up with the polycarbonate they each weighed just over a quarter of a tonne. The one exciting moment we had was lifting all three, plus all the other flown elements at the same time off the truss! Thanks again - I've got some other pieces coming up (nothing quite as taxing as the triangles) - will be in touch in a while.'

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