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Sorb were approached by a lighting company to help with a new project needing our specialist design and manufacturing skills. They had secured an order to design and construct a large lighting rig to be erected in the boardroom of a high profile blue chip company.

Our project brief was to design, construct, and ensure the ease of assembly of three similar sized elliptical lighting rigs. The ellipses would measure approximately 3900mm x 2800mm. Each rig would have a differing lighting configuration so each one had a unique design. Due to the bulky nature of the overall shape, the rigs would need to be constructed in sections that would be assembled on site. Each section had to accommodate : apertures for light fittings, access for wiring looms, internal supports for rigidity and a means for mechanically joining the sections together. One of the main criteria for the aesthetics of the rigs was that there should be no visible evidence of any welding showing on the outside of the rigs.

 Many of Sorb’s skills were used in producing the end result including : design (CAD/CAM), laser cutting, bending, rolling, Mig and Tig welding and final assembly to ensure problem free installation on site.

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