Film Industry

Film Industry

Film IndustryFor many years Sorb has been involved in metal work for scenery used in the sets of major international film productions. We react swiftly to achieve tight deadlines through our knowledge of the varied requirements in this industry. Recently we have manufactured metalwork for The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, James Bond, Wolfman and Clash of the Titans.

Much of our work involves heavy structural fabrications for supporting special effects scenes such as car chases, stunt orchestration and hydraulic rigs which can be manufactured to specification in heavy gauge steels up to 3m long and 1.5m wide.

We also carry out the structural fabrication of film set scenery and furniture. Examples include backgrounds, metalic furniture, stairs, tables and signage. However, we also manufacture props including items such as science fiction gadgets, costume accessories and swords.

We readily sign confidentiality agreements with clients. This means that your components and concepts will not be released or divulged at any stage before or after production.

The TV scenery market often require bespoke architectural backdrops and furniture either finished or unfinished. Examples could include specialist seating in either painted steel, brushed aluminium or polished stainless steel, presenters desks and control points as well as specialist lighting fixtures.

Customers include production, scenery and television companies. We are always happy to work closely on bespoke and custom contracts and can work to sketches, concept drawings, digital visualisations and photographic references.

Theatre production at all levels from local community theatre companies through to national outfits, can be catered for. We can work rapidly to almost any flat drawing detail for laser cut parts and can offer all supporting welding and fabrication services.

Scenery support and props fabrication can also be carried out for any other type of presentation including:

  • Ballet
  • Concerts & Gigs
  • Fetes & Carnivals
  • Foreign Dignitary Visits
  • Circus

For more information on how we can assist you with your requirements for laser cut and sheet metal fabricated scenery and prop components please feel free to call for an informal conversation. From our years of experience in this sector we understand that clients are often pushed for time. We therefore aim to provide a quick turnaround on quotes, production and delivery.