CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutting

CNC Laser CuttingWe have been CNC laser cutting in house for over 25 years and offer a fast turnaround with state of the art equipment which can supply a high quality, reliable and rapid service. Our first laser machine was purchased in 1994, which made us one of the first sub-contract engineering company's in the country to have such machinery. In 2007 Sorb purchased a state of the art Platino CNC 4kw laser cutter with a robotic serving and storage tower allowing the flexibility of 24/7 production and a faster turn around. Features of laser cutting include:

  • Modern cost effective method of profiling sheet metal.
  • Considerably more accurate than plasma or flame cutting.
  • Unlike punched parts no witness marks are visible.
  • Utilises a concentrated beam of laser light that is optically focused onto the material surface.
  • Uses oxygen or nitrogen gas to cut the material.
  • Cuts any shape without the need for special expensive tooling.
  • Economic layout of parts to minimise waste and cost with automatic nesting.
  • Cuts cleanly and accurately and no further finishing is required.
  • Edges are smooth and parallel with no heat distortion.
  • We accept drawings on dwg, dxf, pdf, sat and iges file formats as well as sketches, faxes.
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  • Fast turn around on all quotations.

The 4kw laser cutter has very high dynamics: speed up to 140m/min, acceleration 12m/s2 and full flying optics. The system has full off-line programming capability using the machines proprietry Lantek software, a raw sheet centering system, a high pressure cutting kit for special materials, anti-collision safety device and quick change lens functionality from 5" through to 10" for material and sheet changes.

We also have the Quick Piercing and Laser Piercing Monitor (LPM) systems for optimising the processing of thick materials, 10" lens for very thick material, automatic pallet changer, sheet metal loader, the modular and flexible automatic material handling system and software packages for advanced programming.

CNC Laser CuttingThe TowerServer is a highly compact and reliable automatic loading/unloading/storage system with a 14 shelf tower, where blank and processed sheet metal stacks are stored. A handling robot integrated in the system loads/unloads the sheets directly on/from the machine pallet changer and is equipped with an automatic sheet thickness detector to assure that no more than one sheet is picked up at the same time. The TowerServer allows us to both store a considerable amount of material, 3 tonnes per shelf (42 tonnes in total), and to process urgent jobs quickly and safely.

We can also offer laser cut components with heavy duty plastic coating left intact which means that the parts can be supplied with the best surface quality thus avoiding scratches and damage from the various manufacturing processes or during transit. The part to the right shows a laser cut and CNC folded component complete with Nitto laser guard protective coating.

We believe that this combination of modern capability allows us to provide our clients with the highest levels of performance, quality, reliability and speed they require, all at a good price. Combined with our precision sheetmetal work, welding and fabrication services this puts Sorb at the forefront of our industry.

For more information on how Sorb Engineering Limited can help you, please feel free to call for an informal consultation.

CNC Laser Cutting