Past architectural metalwork projects have included stainless steel canopies, fascias and cladding for tube stations, corporate boardroom lighting structures, staircase stringers and treads, specialised architectural metal seating and exhibition cubicles, etc.

Much of our architectural work is colourful and exotic in nature, involving specialist project management. Most of our gallery items which can be seen here, are architecturally related.

We work closely with a range of clients including architects, building services contractors, business owners and even the general public.The architectural metalwork market is an area in which we can truly assist with design development. We often work directly from hand drawn sketches, schematics, photographs, CAD drawings and templates, etc.

architectural metalworkOne area in which we have considerable experience is in street furniture. Working mainly with architects we have manufactured outdoor seating, canopies and abstract features. In these instances we have often been involved with the finishing, delivery and installation.

We are happy to work with all materials, although much of our work is in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium . We also work in Zintec as well as galvanised material whether it is pre-coated or post coated.

All finishing including powder coating in a range of colours, textures and gloss levels can be managed by Sorb Engineers Limited. Over the years we have developed excellent relationships with local metal finishers allowing us to ensure the highest levels of quality and a complete one stop shop service.

Restoration of architectural sheetmetal work is a significant area for us. We can take existing structures such as canopies and shelters and made exact copies for restoration projects, cleaning metal where required and replacing corroded and damaged components.

Traditional gates and railings can be fabricated in a range of styles using stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. Again, this is an area that we can provide considerable design assistance. Whether using standard materials or off the shelf features such as shaped spindles or floral insets, we can help you design a feature to best suit its purpose.

For more information on our architectural metalwork services feel free to call to discuss your requirements.